Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stay Healthy While Enjoying the Holiday!

It is just a couple of hours before the New Year hits and I am pretty sure that your hands are tied up with all the things that need to be done. When it comes to preparing the foods to be feast upon the coming evening, you cannot help yourself but enjoy everything on the table. However, for those who are on the diet, they have to keep watch of what they eat to keep themselves healthy. But this need not sacrifice the opportunity to eat delicious meals. Just refrain from putting the following to your to-eat list. Remember that each time you eat dinner, you accumulate around five thousand calories and you do not want to start the new year like that.

1. Mashed Potato with Gravy – I know that eating mashed potato is one of your pet peeves but you must not let temptation lead you away from your goal. Just imagine one big scoop and that is already four hundred calories versus your diet goal.

2. Dressing and more gravy – Again. Be careful of the gravy. You do not want that in your meal right now. You have to take it easy with that turkey. Know that the turkey is loaded with fat while you are roasting it along with butter and sausages that you put there. That is already five hundred fifty calories for you.

3. Dinner Rolls – This may already sound like a mantra but the excess calories in dinner rolls usually come from the butter and the gravy. Yes, your beloved gravy is also involved here. That is another 150 calories. If you are going to eat these rolls before, during and after dinner, try doing the math and you will be surprised.

4. Cranberry Sauce or Jelly – These are natural tart fruits and if you want to make it more delicious you have to put too many sugar on it. That would be another 100 calories per one fourth cup.

5. Candied Sweet Potatoes or Yams – If you think you are noticing a pattern here then you are right. Potatoes usually have lots of calories in them especially if it has lots of maple syrup or brown sugar on it. Add some butter and the calories that you will be getting from these would be around 300 per one half cup.

Okay, this should not discourage you from enjoying the holiday season. In fact, this should serve as a reminder that you need to keep yourself fit and healthy for more years to come. Keeping the right diet should help you develop a healthier lifestyle and at the same time, enjoy the years to come.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blogging for Health

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