Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Rid of Athlete’s Foot

Having a fungal infection like ring worm or what is commonly called athlete’s foot can be very frustrating and embarrassing. A person usually gets infected if his feet have been exposed to areas that are moist and damp and filled with fungus. What is worse is that it can spread to other body parts and even to the groin. Once you are infected with it, your feet will start becoming flaky and scaly and will eventually start to itch.
A severe case of athlete's foot
Image source: Wikipedia
The afflicted person may also start suffering from blisters in the skin and cracks. This will then cause swelling and is painful. What is worse is that athlete’s foot can be difficult to remove since the fungal infection can be so deep within the human skin. This means that putting cream on it regularly is not enough to kill its roots. On the other hand, oral medication may work instead. In order for you to keep yourself from being afflicted with the fungal infection, you have to make sure to practice healthy personal hygiene. Make sure that before you even put your socks is that you have completely dried your feet. Remember, fungus loves moist and wet places. You do not want your feet to be qualified for their preference of infection. Make sure that you also wipe the part between your toes too. Most people tend to be careless about this.

You can also apply yogurt on the infected areas though it is not enough to get rid of it. Another alternative is pouring some garlic extract on the infected area especially before going to bed. Garlic has bacteria and virus-fighting properties. And no need to worry about your feet smelling like garlic. Getting rid of fungi can be very difficult and the best way to combat them is to prevent them from infecting you in the first place. And proper hygiene plays a big role when it comes to keeping your body fungal free.


  1. Ewww that photo is just disgusting! hahaha Thank god i don't have athlete's foot! I heard that baking soda also works. Might be less stinky than using garlic haha

  2. ows, that a nasty feet. it is really a pain in the body if you have athletes food. So make sure to eep yuor feet dry especially before putting on the shoes.and yes, wear socks to keep the feet dry.


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