Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Getting a Massage is Good For Your Health

Getting a massage once in a while is good for the body as a whole. Not only does it make an individual feel physically good. If you are going to look at its effects on a scientific perspective, getting a massage helps improve blood circulation as well as the flow of lymph. Once the nerve receptors in our body are stimulated by massage, it causes our blood vessels to dilate which can further improve the flow of blood inside our body.

A Lymph is a milky white fluid which helps carry the body’s impurities that tissues have. It passes through various glands in the lymphatic system which serves as filtering places. The thing though with a lymph is that it does not have the capability to circulate on its own unlike blood. That is why most people who do not have an active lifestyle suffers from various ailments is because the lymph in their body is not able to do its job effectively since their muscles do not contract as much which the lymph need to move around the human body. This is where massage comes in. It helps them move around the body which helps them do their job in turn.

Massage has lots of health benefits. Since it improves blood flow, it also increase oxygen capacity in the blood. It can also lessen nodule mass. This in turn encourages better muscle movement and can also improve a person’s recovery rate from stress. It also enhances the performance of our body’s oil and sweat glands which keeps the skin lubricated, and clean. It also ups the body’s excretory process. Getting a massage is not only enjoyable but can definitely keep you stress free. More types of massage available at


  1. I make sure I get a massage 2x a month. It really keeps me well.

  2. I know a few hours of massage can do a world of good but I'm a bit iffy about having strangers touch my back. hahaha Don't know why. I can only stand getting a massage from someone i know. :)

    1. Someone you know like your boyfriend? :)

  3. Halaaaaaaaaaaa I was thinking about having a massage kanina. Haha like a hobby na =))

  4. I love having a massage. We're going to the massage center this coming Saturday.

  5. Wow! I have to plan our next trip to spa soon.


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