Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding The Right Face Wash

Perhaps the single leading cause for skincare concern among men of all ages centres on the seemingly simple process of cleaning our faces. If you don’t already, it could be time you gave a little more thought to facial cleanliness and what you might want to change to improve matters.

Millions of men complain of having dry and tight skin but for many the issues stem from their use of simple body soap to wash and clean their faces. There are of course some obvious advantages in terms of convenience in washing your face with the same product as you use to clean the rest of your body but it you are serious about looking your best and having healthy skin then you should probably switch it up.

Indeed, with the array of exfoliating facial scrubs and deep cleaning washing products on the market these days, there is plenty of help out there and really not much excuse for suffering with dry skin while doing nothing about it. The essential aim of mens skincare products targeted at men in this context is to make sure that natural oils on the face are kept at healthy levels, while dry skin and impurities are easily disposed of.

By sticking with the same old bar of soap that you use on your feet to wash you face, you are inviting the prospect of exacerbating any skincare concerns that you may have, whether that's particularly oily or dry skin, or something as simple as having a few spots.

Choosing the right facial wash can prove particularly important during the winter months, when dry skin can become a quite serious cause for concern for men and for women. The key is just to pay attention to the effects that your skincare products and habits are having on the health, condition and vitality of your skin.


  1. can just imagine kicking your own face when you use a soap you just used on your feet! lol! but men generally doesn't really care. hehehe.. but I guess it's high time that they become concerned about it especially in seasons where dry skin can occur.

    1. Right, there must be a separate facial wash for them. :)

  2. I use Dove for my face. Using moisturizers really help too. :)

    1. My sister is also using Dove products. :)


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