Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Healthier Food for Beauty and Wellness

Keeping a healthy lifestyle these days can sometimes prove difficult due to a lot of factors. Furthermore, most people are too preoccupied with their jobs that they tend to take their health for granted. One of the most common factors which are currently endangering people’s health is unhealthy foods. Why so? For one, it is hard to fight the temptation if it is in the form of delicious food. But the good news is that there are foods which can serve as an alternative for this unhealthy food.
One of the best is water. Unlike sodas, iced tea or coffee which all contains a lot of calories, water can be mixed with other natural sources of flavoring like lime, lemons and or even orange. Another known culprit that a lot of people often eat when stressed are French fries. French fries contain too much cholesterol and are bad for the body. A better alternative for this are baked sweet potato fries. Just put some salt and a bit of flavoring and it would taste like the French fries that you love. And rather than use a mayonnaise dip to add more flavor to it, using a non-fat yogurt combined with non-fat cottage cheese can do the magic. You can even add some pepper and some chopped parsley and onions to enhance its taste.

For chocolate lovers out there, a better substitute to their favorite chocolate bar would be some low fat granola. Compared to the standard chocolate, it does not have that much sugar and calories in it. But even so, it still can give you the energy that your body needs. If you are looking for some afternoon snack or something that you could munch at the office, you can consider eating some wheat crackers along with some low fat cheese on it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not always require a lot of sacrifice. However, it requires discipline on your part if you are to achieve your fitness goals.

There are different ways to stay fit and healthy. Aside from regular exercise or workout, you can always choose the food to eat. For more health and beauty tips, you may check


  1. Nice article. Healthy eating is a key factor in being beautiful and healthy. I love as much as possible to consume lots of fruits and veggies in my ration.

  2. Fruits and veggies are really healthier.


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