Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ways to Relieve Dry Cough

Having a dry cough can really be troublesome especially if you are working and your work involves you dealing with interpersonal relations. This can really dampen your sales talk and can get you more stressed. However, it does not mean that you have to just sit back and suffer while it ruins your day and momentum. There are steps which you could follow that can alleviate you from this.

If you're like this, consult your doctor.

• Step 1: The first step in getting rid of that cough is of course getting in touch with your physician. You cannot just take any random medicines which claims to relieve cough. This can be hazardous without the proper prescription.

• Step 2: Once your physician has already prescribed a medicine, follow his instructions regarding it. More or less, your physician would recommend a suppressant rather than an expectorant-suppressant. The reason for this is because suppressants work better when it comes to controlling dry coughs.

• Step 3: Make sure that you take your medications regularly and to take cough drops as well. If you are not comfortable taking cough drops then hard candy may help. Either way, they help relieving dry cough since they make your salivary glands more productive. This is important since the irritation caused by dry cough comes from a dry throat which drops or candies prevent since they lubricate the throat.

• Step 4: Setting aside your medications, it helps that you lie down on an extra pillow in addition to what you have in bed. The important thing here is that your head is elevated when you sleep. This position also helps the body recover faster from coughs.

• Step 5: Perhaps the most important practice that you should do is drinking lots of water and other healthy fluids like fruit juice or hot tea. This will keep you hydrated which can help fight off cough. Using a humidifier and or a vaporizer inside your room also contributes in making your environment healthier for you to rest at.

Now, if you already followed these steps and the symptoms are persistent, always make sure that you consult your physician. Otherwise, these steps will eventually lead you to full-recovery.

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