Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting Treatment For Scaly Skin

Every other person suffers from some kind of skin problem. It can be sensitive skin, itchy skin or scaly skin. Thankfully, treatment is available for all kind of skin problems. In case you are suffering from a scaly skin, you will need to get to the bottom of the problem and get to the right treatment. Let us first take a look to the cause behind scaly skin.

Sometimes, dry skin can get extreme and is then characterized by scaly skin, especially on the arms and legs. Sometimes the problem can be seen even on the scalp, face and back. The cause can be genetic or maybe any exposure earlier in life that could have triggered the problem. Some common reasons behind scaly skin are infections, poor nutrition, thyroid problems, cancer and even use of certain medications.

Extreme condition of scaly skin is also known as psoriasis. The scales on the skin are usually white, gray or brown. Any breaks of the skin should be treated right away. A common treatment recommended by a skin specialist is to apply lotion or topical cream or containing high concentrations of propylene or alpha, or beta hydroxy acids. Sometimes Isotretinoin may also be prescribed but only for extreme cases. Hydrocortisone also is considered to be good for curing scaly skin as it contains anti-inflammatory steroid.

In case the condition shows no improvement, one should see a physician and apply some other moisturizer that can help cure the dry and scaly skin. There are also homeopathic and herbal remedies with specific ingredients that help in keeping the skin well hydrated and heal the scaly dry skin.

Chamomile is also considered to be useful in treating dry scaly skin and soothes the irritation, reducing any discomfort and pain. Vitamin E products are also known to keep the skin problems away. It is best to use herbal treatments or top quality products to cure scaly skin and always under the recommendation of the skin doctor.

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