Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Go For Electric Cigarettes?

The fact is that a lot of people these days have smoking as their vice but at the same time, it is also true that a lot of these smokers are also attempting to quit. The thing though is that it can sometimes be difficult to quit smoking since it requires strict self-discipline. Furthermore, the sudden absence of nicotine in one’s body can have adverse drawback to the person trying to quit. And people trying to quit smoking tend to get sick as they attempt to do so. The good news is that they have a healthier option which is to vape through electric cigarettes. So, why would they even go for electric cigarettes in the first place?

  • Same Sensation: Smokers who enjoy the sensation of smoking can enjoy the same experience through electric cigarettes. This means that switching from the conventional cigarette to an electric cigarette can provide them with the same fulfilling sensation.
  • Less Nicotine: Electric cigarettes sold at electric cigarette shops have a number of flavors that smokers can choose from such as strawberry, chocolate and even their all-time favorite tobacco. And the thing with these electric cigarettes is that they have less nicotine content making them a safer option for smokers. Furthermore, they can even have the option of purchasing electric cigarettes which does not have any nicotine content to begin with.
  • No Second Hand Smokers: But perhaps the best thing about going for an electric cigarette than a conventional cigarette is that it does not produce second hand smoking. Who are these second hand smokers? These are the people surrounding the smoker who are exposed to the smoke generated or produced by a regular cigarette. However, the electric cigarette does not produce any of this. It only generates vapor which is harmless to those who are exposed to it.
These are but a couple of reasons why a smoker should switch from a traditional cigarette or tobacco to an electric cigarette.You may find a great selection of E cigarettes from ECigarette Direct.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Juicing for Life: Practical Advice on Juice Fasting for Those New to Fasting with Juice

Before you even consider juice fasting there are several things you should know. Commonly referred to as ‘juicing,’ this is a practice which may not be right for everyone. It is always recommended that you seek advice from your primary physician prior to any changes in diet or exercise. However, for those who are given a clean bill of health, juicing can be one of the most effective ways of cleansing the body of unwanted waste and toxins. Here are some facts you may want to consider prior to fasting with juice.

Healthy Juice

Why Are You Fasting in the First Place?
There are a number of reasons why people embark on a juice fast. Some are looking to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins while others are simply looking to take off a few pounds. Also, juice fasting can be a great way to overcome irregularity if the right juices are chosen because many are high in fiber. One juice which is great for cleansing the colon is made from the Nopal cactus which is native to Mexico. This particular fibrous plant is extremely low in calories. Sometimes referred to as ‘prickly pear,’ the Nopal cactus only contains 14 calories per usual serving size.

Fasting with Nopalea Juice
Now that you know why Nopal is often considered a great juice for diet and cleansing fasts, it is time to look at what nutrients the plant contains. Of those 14 calories, 9 are from carbs, 4 are from protein and the little bit left is fat. In Mexico, Nopales is generally served as a vegetable at meal time but in the Southwestern United States it is often drank as a juice. None of the nutrients or fiber are lost in the preparation, so this is one vegetable/plant which is perfect for juice fasting.

Why Carbs Are Important on a Juice Fast
Since carbohydrates quickly convert to energy in the body, it is important to refrain from archaic water fasts. It has been found that the body begins eating muscle mass which is largely comprised of protein instead of burning available fat deposits. Carbs are necessary to fuel the fire of metabolism which will burn those fats, but not all carbs were created equal. It is imperative to ingest slow burning carbs such as those found in Nopalea juice. The amount of carbs in a single serving is equivalent to just over 10% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

Again, fasting (even with nutritious fruit juices) is not for everyone and if you are pregnant or taking prescription medications it is essential that you discuss your intentions with your doctor before you try your hand at fasting. Even though Nopales is rich in vitamins and minerals, some people may not be physically prepared for the ‘shock’ to the body resulting from lack of solids. Juicing has become a popular way to cleanse impurities from the body and if you are going to go on a fast, make absolutely certain you are going to drink a juice that will offer a good blend of fiber, minerals and vitamins along with sufficient carbs to fuel metabolism

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