Monday, February 11, 2013

5 Ways to Spot a Dodgy Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is a practice in which many people choose to engage for a wide variety of reasons; however, one of the biggest ones is that they want to look younger again. These procedures can be either surface-oriented or invasive. No matter what form they come in, it's so important to follow these tips to avoiding hiring a dodgy cosmetic surgeon.
The Makeup of the Practice

Do not schedule an appointment to have a procedure done without having a visit to the actual practice. Look for suspicious signs such as a lack of people in the waiting room even at busy hours, dirty surfaces, employees who seem to be aloof and so forth. If you notice such issues, it is best to find another cosmetic surgeon to do the work.

Spam Filled Websites

Checking out the website for the practice might be one of the first steps that you take. Therefore, you need to thoroughly review the site to look for signs of spam. Are big, bright and bold signs encouraging you to "Click Here!" all over the place? You also want to be careful of a place that emphasizes free or low cost services.

Considering the Price

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we must be skeptical about services that are offered for very low prices or for no cost at all. Look at the prices of the establishment to see if they match up with standards in the industry. If they are significantly lower, this could be a sign that the practice is a bit dodgy and in desperate need of money. Cosmetic surgery is not something that everyone is able to afford, so the prices are generally aimed to a client base that has more money to spend.

Unsure of Answers

In every profession, individuals do need to look up the answers once in a while. However, you do not want to hire a surgeon who is going to have to stop and flip through the book in the middle of performing a procedure. Be sure to ask a number of questions when you are meeting with the surgeon for the first consultation. Gauge not only how quickly he or she responds but also how accurate the answers are and how confident the doctor seems to be in those answers. You can interview a few different professionals and compare how they answer the questions.

Certifications and Licenses

You absolutely need to make sure that the cosmetic surgeon is certified and has a license to practice these types of procedures. You can ask to see the degree in the event that the surgeon does not have it hanging up in his or her office. This step is so important, and you must not forget about. Do not use any supposed cosmetic surgeons who don't have these certifications and licenses.

Whenever you are choosing a doctor, you need to be certain that the person is skilled and certified to do the job.

Written by Sonya Kelsy

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