Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tips In Taking Care Of Your Lungs

A lot of people tend to neglect taking care of their lung’s health especially those who have smoking as a vice. People should realize that our lungs are one of the most important organs of our body. For you to be able to keep your lungs healthy, you must practice the following:

• Never Smoke: Simple as that. Do not even bother trying or learning how to smoke. Try to avoid getting yourself around people who smoke. This will keep you from second-hand smoke which is worse than smoking.

• Exercise Regularly: Exercise on a daily basis, specifically increasing your aerobics activity. Aerobics is a good exercise which can strengthen your lungs.

• Breathe Through Your Nose: Your nose has hair which serves as a filter. It keeps you from inhaling harmful foreign objects except for microscopic particles. Make breathing through your nose a habit especially when you are around fumes. Better yet, cover your nose with a clean handkerchief.

• Be Careful When Inhaling: There are odors which can be harmful to the body if inhaled directly such as tobacco smoke, smoke coming from fire, paint, cleaning supplies and or car exhausts and gasoline. Making shallow breathes when you are exposed around these odor can lessen the damage it may cause your body. Once you are no longer around them, it would be best if you could cough so that you may be able to force some of the harmful particles out.

The lungs like any other organ in the body are not impervious to foreign substance and it has its limits. However, by doing things that keeps your lungs from being damaged, not only are you able to keep it healthy but you are also able to prolong your life.

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